Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So i started my first ever crochet project.
Beth's Little star afghan

I figure its a great first project because it deals with following a kinda difficult pattern for the first 3 rows and then gets easy (so if i mess it all up i only have 3 rows of work to tear out =])
I have some trouble counting stitches and figuring out which one i'm supposed to pick up next. but since this is just a sample i'm not really focusing hard hard on what's right and wrong; i'm just using it to learn as i go. I don't want to get discouraged by having to rip it out.

It's all curlyyyy

Anonymous yarn from kit, hook size 6.00 mm (j)

I hope it comes out decent haha despite the crunchy acrylic yarn.

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Lee Ann said...

o0o0oo awesome! I made two of these for a baby shower for my friend i used to work with. i made a small one for her baby and a large one for her (matching of course!) she loved it. I don't like following patterns but this was a good project because you just get the rhythm after awhile. Good luck! can't wait to see the finished product : )