Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Starghan

Same details as below (for the same person!) used an H hook though so it whipped up a LOT faster. Overall I'm very pleased.
=] Ruler is ten inches

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beth's Little Star Afghan


So wow. This took me a lot longer than I thought (The baby shower is this Sunday XD). The end rows are about an hour all the way around and I like to think of myself as a pretty quick crocheter, but I can only go about at hour or two at a time. So this pretty much has been going on for a few months. I used a G hook (4.25 MM) and Bernat Cottontots in Lemon Berry, Lime Berry, and Sweet Cream. The stripe pattern is completely random. The pictures are a little off in color (lighting a bit too yellow). I'm excited to be able to start a new project now.


TitV hiatus for 1 reason only...

That is because I've been working on a big time consuming blanket. It will be done and posted soon. It's a small baby blanket but it's taken me forever... All that is left is weaving in the ends and washing it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow so I'm really behind...

I've been meaning to post but had so much stuff for school piled on last minute. I'm officially done with my freshman year of college. Now I have to like hurry myself up and start creating again. I have to make two hats and I'm using a really nice pink vanna's choice. They're both birthday presents. One for my best friend and one for my sisters. I will do them probably tonight (instead of working on algebra for my placement test on saturday morning) and post as soon as I finish. I'd also like to work on some more creatures. =]

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm so behind on the crocheting that I wish I was doing right now. I'm unfortunately wrapped up in this awful terrible horrible english paper (30 pages long analysis on the poetry of margaret atwood). So I am amidst procrastination.
I have a list of things I need to make though!

To Finish
  • Monkey for emily (gift)
  • Hat for molly
  • Flowers for other hats
To Start
  • Blanket for lindsays baby (gift)
  • Ninja for Noël (gift)
  • Hat for Aj (gift)
  • Hat for Kurt (gift)
Notice how much profit I will be making...
Like essentially nothing haha.

I think I may have to break down and make an etsy account... I just hate not getting full amount.
Also people charge less on there for more complicated hats than what I make... but I feel like any less wouldn't really be that worth it since sometimes they're painful to make (bad hands).
I think though that beggars simply cannot be choosers.
Also I want to pick up spinning.
Also I want to get back into sewing.
Also I want to learn how to use my serger that I have never used because I can't find the cone thread...

Sigh i wish i had more money and space for crafts... don't we all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More hats...

So I've been a busy bee... haha the grey and silver hat (white and silver crochet thread mixed in) is the only one that's sold. My friend picked the colors she wanted and I was like excellent... money! So I went to maine this week and I crocheted that hat on the way home (5 hour drive). I had like 12 inches left of the crochet thread when I got through and I was getting pretty damn scared near the end... I'm happy with the result, it's a very warm hat.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I made a hat!

I love it. These I can sell. It whipped up so so quickly and I think its adorable. I've gotten a lot of people interested already just from me wearing it around. =] Excitedddd.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Finished a monkey, except for his face.

I think he's fun =]

I've started a hat, and i can't make the monkey face until i get felt. Which i could have gotten today and forgot!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I finished himm! Well all except I can't figure out how to sew the head on.

My first ever crochet project, after teaching myself how to crochet just last monday =]

Friday, February 27, 2009

Omg. So I started a robot! And it is the most adorable thing ever. It's from the Creepy Cute Crochet book. I absolute love it. It is the first thing I've made and I feel like it actually looks really nice. I have it completely done except for the fact that the head and body are not attached because i don't understand her stupid diagram for it. (like in the diagram it looks like you just pass a thread through the connection 3 times and that's it... uhmm and then you can pull the head up and pull stuffing out.) Well I'll try more tomorrow=] I have class at 8 in the morning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Frogged the star. I didn't like the fact that the holes kept shifting despite the fact that my rows were all properly counted. BAH. And so it goes.
I will make a second attempt tomorrow whilst I wait for my man to come over (he works late and lives an hour away so i'll need to wait up) =]


I bought a bunch of yarn today and some poly fill so i can make a few amigurumi. =]
I also purchased a full selection of crochet hooks and a couple knitting needles. I'm going to make some roll up cases to hold onto them OR i'm going to make this excellent bucket organizer I saw on craftster. I need to go work on a painting for my Painting class (duh) now so I wont get to do any crocheting. And tomorrow I know we're doing a review for an art history midterm that is on tuesday (therefore I will be a study slave for the next weekend and wont get to work on fun things.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So i started my first ever crochet project.
Beth's Little star afghan

I figure its a great first project because it deals with following a kinda difficult pattern for the first 3 rows and then gets easy (so if i mess it all up i only have 3 rows of work to tear out =])
I have some trouble counting stitches and figuring out which one i'm supposed to pick up next. but since this is just a sample i'm not really focusing hard hard on what's right and wrong; i'm just using it to learn as i go. I don't want to get discouraged by having to rip it out.

It's all curlyyyy

Anonymous yarn from kit, hook size 6.00 mm (j)

I hope it comes out decent haha despite the crunchy acrylic yarn.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uarts Scarf.

So I began knitting this in september and put it down and decided i must finish it before I pick up any new projects. Unfortunately i forgot what i was supposed to be doing on the next row and I slightly messed up (not fixing it because i don't care enough about the scarf) and started two of my rows on the wrong stitch. So there's a little stockinette stitch peaking out from my seed stitch. I immediately realized my mistake but I was not about to go in and fix it. I think i'm finishing it fr closure despite the fact that I left the school. Perhaps I'll send it to one of my friends. I made it before I even knew intarsia existed and the two side pillars are only attached on the inner side. They kinda pull up like flaps and you can see red scarf beneath them. I don't even know how i did it XD. I think it came from the fact that I refused to drop yarn where i switched colors, and just picked it up behind the next color and in the next row but alas it is what it is.

It didn't fit in the whole screen (not that i wanted it to XD) but it's doubled up chunkee bernat and size 13 needles (9mm)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


So all my books came in today!
I am one step closer to being a fiend. I do need one more book though, and that is the Crochet Answer Book. It will be the companion to my knitting answer book. I'm going to wait for more money before I buy it (much more money) I also will wait for money before I go and buy lots of yarn and fully stock my knitting needle and crochet hook collection (a girl does need at least one of every size does she not?)
I don't know what I'm going to start with, there is so much I want to make. I figure I should start small though. I don't want to overwhelm myself. In the past I've been pretty bad about finishing projects (maybe i should finish the scarf I started in september before I begin anything). But I'm dedicated this time to learning about everything I just ignored before. I'm hoping my hands don't completely reject the idea (they get super tired and achy... early arthritis? possibly). But yeeaaaaa
The Happy Hooker - Debbie Stoller
Stich N' Bitch- Debbie Stoller
Son of Stitch N' Bitch- Debbie Stoller
Creepy Cute Crochet- Christen Haden
The Knitting Answer Book- Margaret Radcliffe
Pretty in Punk- Alice Benevides and Jaqueline Milles

Listening to: Des Que J'te Vois- Vanessa Paradis

Friday, February 20, 2009

Finger knitting

Tonight I tried my hand (haha) at finger knitting.
I'd never heard of it until today, but i'm pretty satisfied with the result. It was super quick and easy and didn't hurt my hands too much.

Canson soft green, anonymous pink yarn from a kit somebody gave me.


Okay so i taught myself in one hour how to crochet using this website:
The videos are incredibly easy to watch and the stitches are so clear.
I had a little confusion about what to do at the end of a row since it doesn't cover that, but i found that online. I still have a couple questions, like why I always lose a stitch (JUST ONE) and how to crochet in the round. But every beginner has questions. I'll add the photos of my stitch practices later =]

So: First chain =]

First stitching practice =]

And second stitching practice. Sc, Dc, and Triple Treble crochet. =]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I think I found a topic.

I ordered sixty three dollars worth of lovely lovely books on crocheting and knitting. I will be a business woman before you know it. I will be making loads of money off of scarves and stuffed animals. You just WATCH. =] Not that anyone would be reading this XD
Not quite sure who I am talking to. Ah well.


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