Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I think I found a topic.

I ordered sixty three dollars worth of lovely lovely books on crocheting and knitting. I will be a business woman before you know it. I will be making loads of money off of scarves and stuffed animals. You just WATCH. =] Not that anyone would be reading this XD
Not quite sure who I am talking to. Ah well.

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Lee Ann said...

you're talking to me!! lol
I feel the same way about my blog (www.thirtytwo-flavors.blogspot.com if you wanna check it out (*coughs* shameless plug *coughs*), that I'm writing to no one lol.
I've been crocheting for years, but i'm still at a beginner level because i don't like to read patterns so i make up my own stuff using only single and double crochets lol.
but! i highly encourage to keep plucking along, it's such a great craft